Saturday, April 05, 2008

And Thennnn...

We made it home from Greenville. We didn't look at flowers while we were there but ended up at the mall to buy the girls some clothes. The oldest copped an attitude the whole time. I totally don't get that. Why would you be a brat and risk getting grounded and worse, not getting any new clothes??? The Mister and I were so exhausted from all the drama that we just decided to go home. Easier said than done. We ended up stuck on the bridge back into New Bern for an hour while a traffic accident was being cleaned up. There were so many emergency vehicles, traffic was backed up for miles in all directions, and we sat there for so long that we figured it was a multi-car accident with either major injuries or a fatality. Turns out, there was one truck involved, the driver had minor injuries, and the traffic was due to the bridge being closed while they were cleaning up spilled diesel fuel. Wow. It was good to know that nobody was seriously hurt. Just bad driving in bad weather. Here's the story in case you're interested in the deets. Traffic Accident Story

When we finally made it back to town, the Mister and I went to a couple different places and looked for flower ideas and pots. We got an AWESOME deal on some pots that we found at New River Pottery. The terracotta pots were 60% off and the glazed were 25% off. I got three good sized pots for $28. I was doing a happy dance, lol. We might even go back tomorrow to get more. We didn't buy any flowers yet but I have a pretty good idea about what I want. I'll post pictures (yeah, you've heard that one before) when I get them done. ;)

It's midnight-thirty so I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams.

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