Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who's That?

Well, let me tell you. The newest member of our family is Miss Frizzy, a blue rat. Her name was inspired by the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. Miss Frizzy for short, heheh. I will post a picture later (which reminds me, I never posted pictures of my flowers. I'm evil.) but she's sleeping right now. She's a sweet little thing and I'm very excited to have her. Now we have a two Boxers, a guinea pig, a beta fish, and a rat. Our family is very full.

Other things we did today...

I re-screened two screens so that we can now open all of the windows in my house. Hannah tried escaping out of the house through one and the other hasn't had a screen in it since we moved into this house. We get a very nice breeze through the house now. It's weird how much of a difference two windows makes.

I bought myself a cute pair of sandals and then some new fingernail polish so that my feet look cute in my cute sandals.

We went to the IHOP for brunch which was pretty good. Our waitress was very new so she went on her break while we were eating and then we had to ask someone else for our check. Not very professional but the food was still good. I'm assuming she'll learn that that's not how you earn a good tip.

I think that's about it for our Saturday. It was pretty busy for us. I'm hoping Miss Frizzy wakes up soon so that I can play with her, heheh.

Finally, here's the picture of my flower pots. The green one in the back has perennials in it, the next one has herbs, and the bottom one has annuals. There's columbine, dahlias, daisies, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, and some other stuff that I'm forgetting right now.


  1. Having all, or at least some of your windows open will make a huge difference. Not to mention it feels less confined. I bet you can remember winters in New England when you were shut in the house for weeks. Having the windows open is a very good thing. Enjoy

  2. It's funny though, we have our windows open for about the same amount of time here as we did in New England but for different reasons. In Vermont, it was too cold and in N.C. it gets too hot, lol.

  3. your flower pots look great!


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