Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Tuesday has been much better than my Monday.

I got what I consider to be a very cool package in the mail yesterday. I got a new external hard drive and a new USB hub. Yay! The hard drive is so huge that I could back up my entire c drive onto it and maybe the Mister's too. I'm not sure how many gb his c drive is. And, now I don't have to keep switching out stuff that plugs into the USB ports on my comp. I have eight (two don't work so I really only have six) ports right now plus the hub has seven more. Yippee!

So, anyway, I didn't go to the ultrasound appointment today. It was of the variety that I didn't want to be in the room for it. However, my friend came over when she was done so I got to see the shots that were printed off by the doc and they are very cool. I've seen so many ultrasound pictures but I think they are neat every time I see new ones. After we oohed and awed over the pics, we went out for lunch. I drove us in the Scion cuz she wanted to check it out. I think I scared her cuz I tend to drive fast in it because it handles so much better than the Rav 4 does, heheh. After all that, we ran a few errands and I came home.

All in all, a busy day for Trisha. Now, I'm getting ready to cook an early dinner because we have to go to the girls' school for an ice cream social tonight. It's to raise money for the art department. I'm tired already and I'm probably not going to get to relax for another three or four hours. Aghh!

Oh. And I still haven't decided what to read next. Does anyone else ever have this problem?

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