Friday, April 18, 2008

TGIF. Really!!

I'm so glad the weekend is here. I'm tired! I've been tired all week. I hate feeling like that.

Some moron, inconsiderate, sub-human put a dent in our new car on Wednesday. The Mister had duty and the car was on base all day and some idiot, butt munch opened their car door into our car door. The dent is small but it also scratched the paint. Is it really any wonder why I figure most people suck?

Today, actually right now, I'm supposed to be at a friend's house digging in her yard. I'm procrastinating because I really don't want to go and I have tons of things that I need to do around my own house. We'll see if I actually make it out there or not. We're also going to her house to bbq burgers for dinner. I'm actually looking forward to that part of my day.

Ok. If you can't tell, I have nothing to say today so I'm getting off of here.


  1. mmmm grilled burgers. We are actually having the same thing for dinner.

  2. We ended up having brats but they were good too. I was mostly interested in the potato salad anyway, lol.


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