Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wonderful Saturday

We have had a great day so far today. It's 85 out and sunny with some clouds. It's a pretty perfect day weather-wise.

We took a drive out to Morehead City. They have some new stores that have opened up since the last time we were there and we decided to check them out. Also, the Mister wanted to show us the route he ran there when he ran in the half marathon. That was a ridiculous amount of road to run on when a car would work perfectly well. I told him that he would never convince me that running that far while you're bleeding is fun. Not in a million years.

Then, we drove on down the road to Ft. Macon cuz we hadn't been there since last winter or spring, I'm not sure which. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect because we got there right before they fired off a Civil War cannon which was pretty awesome. I actually sat right outside where they were firing the cannon cause the youngest child isn't overly fond of loud noises. We watched as a group of unknowing people walk into the fort right as they fired the cannon. Those people jumped so high I'm surprised they didn't pee their pants. I could have warned them but that wouldn't have been fun for me at all, heheh. We also walked along the beach for a bit while we were there. The wind is blowing pretty hard today and blowing sand is painful so we didn't stay long.

When we got home, we decided to give the dogs a bath since it's so warm outside. Hannah likes to attack the water as it's coming out of the hose but Bailey hates the whole process. But now they don't stink like dogs so it's all good.

Now, we're up to pretty much nothing. Oh!

And last night I made a ham dinner for dinner. The Mister and I had a craving for ham so we made one. We figured why do you have to have ham only on major holidays, right? Well, I discovered the reason. You only have ham or turkey dinners, meals that take 4+ hours to cook, in the colder months because it's too hot any other time of the year to have your oven on for that long. Regardless, the ham was scrumptious and the ham gravy was to die for so it was worth sweating for in the end.

And I'm off.

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