Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I've been watching a LOT of The L Word on Netflix's watch it now service (I'm up to the third season now). What can I say? I like the characters and the story lines. Sometimes the sex scenes are too much but I just slide the slider forward through it, lol. I think the same thing of Californication and Sex in the City too before I get accused of being a homophobe. Do we really need five or more sex scenes in a 55-58 minute time span? I don't think so. Maybe that just makes me a prude. Whatever. Anyway, that show really makes you think and not just about the various names you can call your vajayjay. It makes you think about politics, religion, prejudices, stereotypes, relationships, what is art and what is pornography, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. So, therapy.

On tv and in the movies, people who seek therapy are a lot of the times depicted as being resentful at being there and opposed to listening to the advice being given. I've never been to therapy, I know that's hard to believe, and I've always wondered if the same is true in real life for real people. If so, why bother? Therapists charge $100-$200 an hour so why go and pay all that money if you're not open to being there in the first place? I can think of other things that I could waste that kind of money on without having someone sit there and stare at me for an hour. That's also a lot of pages that could be read in an hour that would be wasted in therapy as well. ;)


  1. I agree with you about the shows ad the sex. I don't think you're a prude. I just don't think that much sex is really necessary to the plot of an hour show. Most shows I have noticed on FX have a lot of unnecessary sex and/or violence in them. However they seems to be really popular shows.

  2. so what ever happened to implied sex? Like Rhett Butler carries Scarlet up the stairs to the bedroom, the door slams....cut to the next morning Scarlet wakes up with a smile.....everyone knows what happened, but the details are left to the viewers imagination.
    Seems to me you are not a prude, you just do not need all the visual aides. Perhaps that is why shows with a lot of sex are very popular with young people, they are trying to pattern themseves with the characters.....basiclly they are learning about sex and relationships from TV. A little scarry don't you think?

  3. I agree. I would never want to live like those sex in the city chicks. Sure it's funny to watch, but I know I am not the kind of girl who just sleeps around and chats about it with folks.

  4. Jennifer~~Yeah. There's a few shows on FX that I like that I can't watch if my kids are awake, lol. I'm def not like the Sex in the City chicks.

    Arlene~~First of all, hi!! After all this time of reading, you're finally able to post a comment. Yay! Anyway, I agree with you. These shows are geared toward a younger audience and it is a scary thought that they are learning how to be in a relationship from so many questionable story lines. It's also an insult to imply that the viewing audience can't be entertained unless they have naked body parts thrown at them every 10 minutes.


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