Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok. I wasn't going to post any of these videos, but they are freaking hilarious. And I figure that maybe I wasn't the only one that could use some cheering up today.

This first one has minor nudity at the end, but the rest of it so funny that it's worth it. It's called Wireless Headset.

This next one I've posted before but it's funny and bears repeating. It's called Office Swear Jar and while it doesn't have actual bad language in it, it's implied.

This next one is called Your Big Deck and it's from the Blue Collar Comedy guys. Again, it's not explicit but it's implied.

This next one is called My New Philosophy and it has very naughty language in it. It's very funny though.


  1. I liked the first one best and the last one was pretty terrible.

  2. Heheh. Yeah. I purposely put them in that order, funniest to least funny. At least imo.

  3. The office one was pretty funny.

  4. I think that one was a super bowl commercial from a year or two ago. Still funny.

  5. Thank you for the laugh, Trisha!


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