Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Growing Up

This musing wasn't inspired by The L Word, lol. Nope. It was inspired by an episode of The Riches. (I know. Is that all I do as a sahdb??More on that in a post to come.) In the episode, the guy's son gets into trouble at school with some other boys. All the boys' fathers decide to get together to figure out a way to get them out of trouble because, gosh, you can't get into Princeton with a criminal record. Where do they have this meeting of the minds? At a strip club. Hmm. This scene brought some things to mind.

If you found at as an adult that your mom, dad, or both had done...weird things while you were in high school, would you be mad about it now? For instance, say you found out that one or both of your parents were growing weed out in the back shed. Or one or both of your parents lounged in strip clubs while you were at school. Or, one or both of your parents cheated. Things of that nature. As an adult, 10, 15, or even 20 years later you find out. Are you upset?

Within the last five years, I found out that one of my parents had done something similar to one of the things that I listed above while I was in high school, about 15 or so years ago (I'll leave it to your imaginations to guess which one, lol). My initial reaction was to be pretty peeved. My reasoning was that this person was my parent, they should have been acting as such and not like some dumb teenager and/or criminal depending on the situation. Then I was thinking that while they were up to their doings, I was out being a typical teenager, breaking the rules and/or the law, heheh, why should I care? Now, I wonder how they'd feel if their grandchildren ever found out.

Don't we have higher expectations of the people raising us than for them to act like the nefarious characters we see in tv and in movies? Is that wrong? Should it even be an issue?


  1. yeah, I would probably have issues about it but at the same time, I'd probably react much differently now than I would have had I found out about it while it was happening. especially in my teens.

  2. You know, I didn't even consider how I would have reacted if I had found out at the time. I can think of two possible scenarios: One, I would have gotten pissed off, mouthy, and gotten myself grounded. Or two, I would have pretended that I didn't know anything and left it alone while being secretly resentful and holding on to the anger to this day. So, it's better that I found out as an adult when I'm just confused about whether or not I have the right to have feelings about it at all.


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