Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

The hubby just played a joke on me, the fool. I have this obsession with making sure pork and chicken are cooked thoroughly. Last night I made stuffed pork chops for dinner and because of the stuffing, they took a little longer than I had anticipated to cook. The hubby just e-mailed me and told me he broke out in hives and the doctor said it was a common reaction to under cooked pork, lmao. He really does have hives but not because of the meat.

It's raining like crazy here today. The rain is good because we need it but the youngest child was supposed to have her field day at school today which surely got cancelled. She was really looking forward to it. And Bailey refuses to go outside in the rain so she's probably uncomfortable with a full bladder, lol.

Now the kids are home from school and tranquility is a thing of the past. I sometimes find it amazing the amount of energy those two girls bring home with them every day.

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