Friday, April 25, 2008


I found this meme while I was surfing blogs yesterday. Since my anniversary is coming up, I thought I’d fill it out.

1. How long have you been together?

We started dating in April of 1995 and got married in May of 1996. So, we’ve been together for 13 years and married for almost 12.

2. Who pursued whom?

We were set up so I really don’t think either of us did any pursuing. However, he knew about me before I knew about him and I found out years later that he cruised the mall where I was working to see what I looked like before we met, lol.

3. Do you wear any type of wedding/commitment ring?

I have a wedding ring and engagement ring that I wore prior to moving to N.C. but with the heat and humidity down here, my hands swell and then my rings don’t fit. I haven’t decided if I want to size them or not yet. The Mister doesn’t wear his ring because 1.)He’s not allowed to at work and 2.)Because he wore it to work, got his hand caught in a tow bar, nearly lost his finger, and smashed his ring. We took it to a jeweler to be reshaped, but it was never the same. They had to pry the ring off his finger with pliers.

4. What was the hardest thing about learning to live together?

We sort of fell into living together and I don’t remember much of an adjustment period. We were practically inseparable before we moved in together anyway.

5. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

It’s usually a tossup. Being a Marine, you would think he would take fast showers, but he doesn’t. I can do my hair, makeup, get dressed, and be out the door in 20 minutes. Sometimes, he takes a 20 minute shower, lol.

6. Do you usually eat breakfast together?

Nope. He gets up for work at 5:15 am and is out the door by 6. I get up at 6:40 with the kids. Also, both of us usually skip breakfast anyway.

7. Do you ever share clothes?

Yeah, t-shirts. We used to fight over my LL Bean t-shirt, heheh.

8. Who does most of the cooking?

Me. He pitches in sometimes, but I do majority of the cooking. He grills because I refuse to though.

9. Who usually takes out the trash?

The oldest child. It’s one of her weekly chores.

10. If you have pets who usually does litter box or poop patrol?

The lawnmower usually does the yard poop patrol. The oldest child cleans out the guinea pig cage because he’s her pet. I will clean out the rat cage when the time comes because it’s my pet.

11. Which one of you is more likely to answer the phone when it rings?

We only have cell phones. He answers his phone and I answer my phone. However, he sometimes gets calls on my phone from his Marines because my number is listed at work but I usually just pass along messages.

12. Who's in charge of the remote if you're watching TV together?

He denies this, but he is. Usually if I’m watching something he doesn’t like, he’ll go watch TV in our bedroom or go on his computer. I, on the other hand, will suffer through the non-stop sports that he watches so that we can have some couch time together.

13. Who usually drives when you go out together?

He does because he constantly criticizes my driving and that drives me nuts. I have never had a speeding ticket or caused a car accident whereas he’s had about 5 speeding tickets (that’s not even counting the countless warnings he got while we lived in VT) and caused three car accidents that I can think of. Who do you think is the worse driver? Honestly though, I think it's a control thing. Even when we take long car trips like from N.C. to Ohio or VT to Ohio I drive the first leg and when we stop for gas, he drives the entire rest of the way. Then, when we get where we're going, he tells everyone I made him drive the whole way, lol.

14. Which one of you takes care of spiders and bugs that get into the house?

Whoever is there at the time.

15. Facing the bed, who sleeps on which side?

I sleep on the right side. We switch occasionally though. When we moved into this house, I started out on the left side.

16. Who usually checks the (postal) mailbox?

Usually me because I’m home but he’ll check occasionally.

17. If something breaks or goes wrong in the house, which one of you is more likely to either fix it or call someone to fix it?

Me. I call the repair guy. The Mister probably has no idea who our repair dude even is.

18. Who is generally the neater of you?

We could both use more practice at the housekeeping thing, but I’m neater than he is. You’re unlikely to find my dirty clothes in the living room but him….

19. Who handles the checkbook/pays the bills?

That would definitely be me. The week I spent in California was a nightmare bill-wise. Jennifer will attest to that. And, one of my credit cards didn’t get paid at all because I thought he had paid it but he didn’t. If I ever take a trip by myself again, I’m going to have to figure out how to get the bills paid long distance. If I ever die, he’s going to be in a world of hurt.

20. What was your last fight/disagreement about?

Who should have bought the milk, lmao. Wednesday, I went to the base to meet the Mister for lunch. While I was there, he mentioned that we needed milk. I was like, “Can’t you just pick it up at the commissary on your way home from work?” He was like, “Or you can pick it up while you’re here.” I laughed and said nah and thought that he would get it. He gets home, asks me if I bought milk, I say no, and he had a hissy. I honestly thought that he was going to pick it up and he thought that I was. So, I grabbed the Scion keys, my iPod, jacked up the stereo, and went to the store my damn self and paid more for milk out in town when it would have been cheaper at the commissary. But, oh well. We rarely fight about anything that’s actually important.

21. When you slow dance together, who leads?

Ha! We don’t dance let alone slow dance.

22. What do you love the most about your other half?

He may annoy me at times, but he’s the most decent person that I know. He does favors for people who don’t deserve it. He also supports me being a sahm and going to school to get my degree. Actually, if he hadn’t filled out my application without telling me he was doing it, I probably wouldn’t even be going right now because I was too afraid to start.


  1. oh how the driving thing must be a man thing. Lafayette tells me how to drive every day.I cant do any thing right when im driving,I have no points or any violations on my record however he isnt even allowed to drive legally!!!!!!

  2. I agree it's probably a man thing.


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