Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Meme?

Nah. I considered it. I thought a Tuesday and Thursday meme would go nicely together. I did a search and I found a few memes for Tuesday but none that really jumped out at me. I considered TMI Tuesday but after scrolling down through that past few weeks, I saw that there were some questions on there that really were tmi and I decided against it. I figure that it's none of your business if I'm a screamer and that you probably really don't want to know anyway. And if you do want to know, that kinda creeps me out and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop reading my blog.

You know what though? Sometimes it's nice not to have to figure out what to say for myself and I've really been stumped for topics lately. I can remember a time when I had so much floating around in my head that I wanted to blog about that I'd forget some of it. That was back in Vermont though. I think it's easier to blog about things that piss you off rather than things that are mundane. I spent much of the three years I was in Vermont pissed off which gave me a lot of blogging topics. I would say that it's because N.C. is too quiet but if Vermont had gotten much more quiet it would have sunk into the earth (which I wouldn't consider to be a bad thing). I guess it's just me. I'm definitely a different person now. I'm more at peace which leaves me little to bitch about. Well, the Cindy Sommer lady getting off really makes me mad. You'll never convince me that she's innocent. And plastic bottles being harmful to kids is something to worry about. #7 plastics are bad. School stresses me out but I'm pretty used to that at this point. But all in all, I'm pretty calm these days. Watch. Now that I said that, the crud is going to hit the fan. I knocked on wood just in case, lol.

Wth. I'm off. I think I'm going to hit the Starbucks for a caramel frap. I love those things. Nah. It's raining outside. I don't want to get wet. I'll have an apple PopTart instead.


  1. I hear you...I can thing of about 5 posts off the top of myhead right now where I could complain about something. lol! Mostly the road construction here.

    I got in to a little blogging brain freeze for a bit there, I think it happens to everyone. Plus, it's Spring and if you are like me, you just want to be outside reading.

  2. Hmm. Maybe it is the season. And I would almost always rather be curled up with a book somewhere than doing anything else, lol.

  3. Apple PopTarts are disgusting. The only acceptable flavors of PopTar are cherry, strawberry, and maple/brown sugar.

  4. whatEVER! The apple strudel ones are good. And besides, I'll eat just about anything that has apples in it. I happen to dislike the maple and brown sugar PopTarts


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