Monday, April 21, 2008

The Price You Pay

We had a great Saturday but we had a sucky Sunday. The Mister had to go into work for most of the day on Sunday which really blew but that wasn't even the worst part. Miss Frizzy has a virus and I had to take her in to get checked out. She's currently being treated with antibiotics and she should be home in a few days. Hopefully. It's hard to tell with small animals and she's just a baby so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We're also down to the last couple weeks of class so I'm swamped with homework. I spent so much time at my computer yesterday that my butt hurt. I was doing homework until 10:30 last night. Ugh!! That's my plan for today too. Homework.

I still haven't picked out a new book to read yet. I have four books that I'm trying to decide between. I want to read them all, but I kinda have lukewarm feelings about them all too. Hmm. I haven't put forth any effort towards any of my book challenges either. The last few books that I've read weren't on either list, heheh.

Well, I'm off for lunch.

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