Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday M!!

Today is M's 11th birthday. Normally, she'd be in Ohio with her sister spending time with the grandparents. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the multiple parties she's used to having for her birthday but I'm lucky cuz she let us off pretty easy this year. Her plans are to have one of her friends sleep over (I really like this friend. She's polite, quiet, and respectful) so that she can go with us to the beach tomorrow. How simple, right? Her presents were pretty easy too. Her cell phone that we bought back May (I think) was part of her birthday and then we bought her a case for it, ringtone downloads, and a game yesterday. Tonight, we're having an M&M ice cream cake and M gets to pick where she wants to go out for dinner. Then, tomorrow it's the beach. Easy peezy.

Last night, M had the dubious honor of helping me get a frog out of the house, lol. I have no idea how frogs and lizards keep getting into the house. We keep all the doors and windows shut because of the a/c. I think it's just one of those mysteries of living in the south. Or a hazard of living in a 30 year old house.

Now I'm off to do some house work followed by school work. Fun day for me.


  1. Tell her happy birthday from us. Let me know when her present arrives. :)

    Did you ever get the present I sent for your birthday?

  2. Your present arrived today. Great timing. And she loved it. Made her feel really special.

    I got mine right after you called. They're really neat and smell terrific. Thanks from both of us.


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