Saturday, July 07, 2007


I feel like rambling. I know. What makes this different than any other time that I post? Well, :P to you.

M's birthday went really well. She and her friend had a good time last night and she liked all of her presents. Today at the beach was kinda blah. There have been storms in the area so there was a yellow flag up today and it was definitely warranted. The surf was very rough. We only stayed about 2 1/2 hours.

On another note, C and are taking tentative steps to selling the house in VT. It's a long, boring, and complicated story that promises to have many plot twists but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the process won't be too painful. The ball, for the moment, is in our renter's court so all we can do now is sit and wait to see what she says.

Tomorrow is going to be full of the homework that I put off during the week. I suck.

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  1. Hey, lost my bleepin password again. Tell M we said Happy Belated birthday for us. And give S a smooch. Good luck on the house selling!! ((HUGS))


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