Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Best Weekend.

Friday was such a busy day beginning with my exams which I already posted about earlier. Then we had a parent/teacher conference for S and then we left from the school to take the kids to J'ville. We dropped the kids off with no idea what we wanted to do for our anniversary night out. We had talked about hitting Myrtle Beach and the Hard Rock but decided we didn't want to drive that far in one night. We ended up deciding to go to Wilmington which turned out to be a very fun choice.

I had no idea that Wilmington's downtown area was so big. I had been there before back in '93 to tour the Battleship North Carolina but had never been downtown. There were tons of shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. You can take horse drawn carriage tours, paddle boat tours, and trolley tours as well. We walked along the river front for a while and then around a few blocks downtown checking out the shops and trying to decide where we wanted to eat. We had the best dinner ever at Little Dipper. It's a fondue restaurant. We had been to Forever Fondue in San Diego so we weren't strangers to the fondue scene. The restaurant had a casual elegant atmosphere with a full bar and a tank full of jellyfish, lol. It was great. We had filet mignon, chicken, lobster tail, and shrimp. Yum, yum, yum. After dinner, we headed back home. Wilmington's about a 2 hour drive from our house. Overall, we had a great night.

Saturday, we headed back to J'ville to pick up the kids. We planned a bbq with our friends there since we hadn't really hung out since we moved here. We took our dogs so that they could play with their dogs. They have two golden retrievers that are the same age as our boxers so they all played together really well. C and I bought these jalapeno burgers from the Harris Teeters to grill out which ended up becoming our dining entertainment. They were so freaking spicy that everyone was getting a kick out of watching C and I try to eat them. M took a bite on a dare as did our friends' daughter. It was pretty funny to watch the two girls eat those spicy burgers. We ended up staying late enough for the two guys to play a round of Madden which C lost. They were loud enough that I'm sure the entire street heard the outcome of the game, lol.

Today, we did absolutely NOTHING! I don't know how people that are on the go, go, go, do it. Friday and Saturday we were home long enough to sleep at night and that was it. I'm exhausted. I'm too old to be on the run so much, lol.

So, that was our weekend. Jam packed full of fun times and good friends. I hope everyone else's weekends were good as well.

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