Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post for Today

I finally finished my blog spring cleaning. It was such a chore. Blogger needs to make it easier to delete and edit old posts.

Anyway, I didn't bring this up before because I didn't want to say anything until we knew one way or the other, but up until yesterday we were on the cusp of moving again. We had even found another house. It all had to do with our electric bill and the promise my landlord made back in January that he'd replace our heat pump. After paying over $1600 in electric bills since we moved in, we were at the end of our rope in being understanding about him not replacing the heat pump. So, I wrote him a letter and told him to either replace it or let us out of our lease. We'll be getting a new heat pump by the end of next week. Thank you, thank you. He's also having a repair person come out to replace our leaky shower. FINALLY!!!! We really didn't want to pack up and move again especially since the new house would have been in Havelock and I hate Havelock.

C and I broke down last night and turned on the air conditioning. We just couldn't stand it anymore. We made it until almost June which I think is pretty darn good. As I type, blessed cool air is blowing on me. Ahhhhh!!!

I gotta jet. Homework to do. Laters.

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