Monday, May 14, 2007


I have so many things that I want to post about but am not sure if I want to post about them that I don't know where I want to start or if I want to start at all. Confused? Try being in my head today.

So, Mother's Day. It didn't exactly go as planned. We ended up going to the beach which was a good thing/bad thing. It was good because we took the dogs and Bailey had a great time out in the ocean. Also, it was in the 70's at the coast and sunny. It was bad because it was so windy that we were getting stung by blowing sand and didn't stay very long. We had sand in every nook and cranny by the time we left. And Hannah was dumb and ate a couple mouthfuls of sand.

As you all probably figured out by now, we made our yearly Mother's Day calls to our mothers: C's mom, my mom, and my step-mom. Only one of those calls went well and you'll all have to guess which one. It's too complicated and f-d up to go into on here.

Is it any wonder why I'm slowly whittling away at the holidays I still celebrate? And is it any wonder why C and I don't miss living in Ohio? It shouldn't take a genius to figure it out. I guess that's what makes me such a bad person as I was told that I was yesterday. Freaking lovely.