Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Phone Numbers

We finally straightened out our telephone situation. We're cancelling the land lines and going back to using our cell phones. We updated our phone numbers today so that we have local N.C. numbers. I sent out an e-mail with the new numbers this evening. If you didn't get one, it was merely an oversight or your e-mail bounced (3 people's did). If you need/want our new numbers and didn't get an e-mail, get me a message and let me know. We also got M an early birthday present and she now has her own phone too. Yay, M!!!! Oh. And we're still with Verizon Wireless and we now have the unlimited messaging deal, so feel free to send a text or instant message. Woot woot!

That's it.

Wait, wait. No, it's not. I can't believe I almost forgot to tell ya'll the most interesting part. We were at the Circuit City conducting our business, right. Well, we were there yesterday too but "the system was down" and they couldn't switch our numbers. So, we come back today and the same girl is there to help us out. While she's on the phone doing the number switchy thingy, this very rude girl comes up and asks for an SD card. My girl tells her that she only has miniSD cards and that she'll have to go check at the cameras. So, Rude Girl gets all pissy and goes to the customer service desk to complain that my girl didn't walk her over to the camera section because she was "standing around and talking". Hello! She was helping a customer. So about 10 minutes later, Rude Girl comes back with Rude Boyfriend and he asks if my girl has a USB cable for his phone. She looks it up in her inventory and informs him that her kiosk does not carry that cable. So, he looks at the Circuit City brand stuff, finds his cable, opens the box, and walks out the store with it!! WTF!!! They have them all over their security cameras because they were dumb enough to go up to the service desk to complain so I really hope they get caught. Morons.

Ok. So that's it. That's my excitement for the day. Till next time...

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