Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can You See the Steam Coming Out of My Ears?

I freaking HATE the state of Vermont those money grubbing frauds. And H&R Block sucks butt too.

When we first filed our state taxes, according to H&R Block we were getting back about $4000 altogether. Today, when they fixed all their freaking mistakes, we're getting back just over $200. Talk about a kick in the crotch. The state of Vermont, which, btw, has one of the highest tax rates in the country, has seen fit this year not to give their homeowner rebate if you didn't own and occupy your home after April 16, 2007. Yes. You don't get the rebate on your 2006 tax return if you don't live there in 2007. Make sense? Stupid buttmunch mothercrudders. What about the other 8 freaking months we lived there in that time frame????

Additionally, it's not like I feel this way because I'm not from there and have no love for the state, which I don't. My current neighbors next door are from Vermont. They moved down here because of A) The weather. And B) The cost of living. They're one example of many that I could give you. In the three years that we lived there, two cities tried to leave the state and become part of New Hampshire because of property tax rates. They weren't even border cities either which is weird.

We haven't lived there for four months and we're still getting screwed up the butt by that state. Needless to say, I have an appointment with an accountant next week to seek help.

I promise to try and find something positive to post about in my next post.

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