Friday, May 11, 2007

Channel Surfing

I have this irritating habit where I channel surf during commercials. It annoys C and sometimes I even annoy myself doing it. But this is what I saw this morning channel surfing while watching the Today Show.

I decided to check out the HBO's and saw that King Kong was on one of them. I've never seen this movie because I can't stand Jack Black but I figured I'd stop and see if it was anything worth watching. The part that I caught was where King Kong was fighting what looked to be T-Rex. First, Kong bit out his tongue and then spit it out. Then he grasped the dino's jaws and forced them apart and then shoved the top jaw back into the head. When he was done, he played a little with the broken head. This was quite possible the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in a movie and I now have no desire to see the rest.

The two guys that were going to attack Ft. Dix are having their bail hearing today. I'll be shocked if the judge sets bail for them.

Some lady at a ECU was found sentenced to a year in jail for taking financial aid from students which she then kept for herself. All in all, she skimmed about $200,000. Nice lady.

Jack Hanna was on one of the morning talk shows with an aardvark, an otter, a sloth, and a tortoise. He's the Director Emeritus at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio which, imo, is the best zoo that there is. Sorry San Diegans.

I also saw my favorite commercial at the moment. It's the one with the salad maker thing and the two women. When the one goes, "Whooo!" at the end, I laugh every time. It's dumb, I know.


  1. Im sorry but i must disagree the columbus zoo sucks! Have a nice day though.

  2. You are so out of your mind. But to each his/her own.


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